the peak

Developed and sold since 1982 SICOTRONIC has been developing and selling systems for optimizing the energy consumption of buildings where the electricity price is charged according to a special contract consisting of a price for work and a price for power, or for those that must be limited to a minimum due to the feed-in.


1982 Foundation and patent application

1982 Sicotronic invents the interface a,b,c,d

1989 Sicotronic 3096

1995 Sicotronic ZE4000

1998 Sicotronic 1010

2012 Sicotronic ZE5000 and ABM1010-N

2015 Sicotronic interface a,b,c,d becomes DIN18875

2018 Sicotronic EAM-ECAR

2021 Sicotronic ABM2020

2022 Sicotronic ZE6000

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