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-Your expert for intelligent Peak Load Optimization

At SICOTRONIC we offer innovative solutions to increase your energy efficiency and significantly reduce your electricity costs. With our intelligent recording and control technology, we can manage power peaks approx. 30-50%* reduce that cannot be reliably avoided through organizational measures alone.

This not only reduces your electricity costs, but also relieves the power grid and makes a positive contribution to the environment.


Become a Energy saver

during ongoing operation

Become a top saver - while ongoing business.
You have agreed on a working and performance price?
The feed-in must be limited to a minimum?
You are converting a kitchen from gas to electric?

Use our energy saver to find out how much energy and money you can save with us:

Top cost cut

Cut power peaks - reduce total power consumption. We cut the expensive power peaks and distribute them downwards.

How we work?

We offer a comprehensive personal consultation on site, in which we will conduct an electricity needs assessment with them. This determines the current power. This allows us to create a list of our equipment to match their power peaks.

Commissioning as well as maintenance and service are all part of our service program.




Equipment lists (device+power) => Power requirement analysis


Technical planning






Commissioning by trained personnel


Maintenance & Service



Our products

The effective way to cut energy costs.

All electrothermal devices in industrial kitchens, bakeries, ventilation and refrigeration systems, laundries or electroplating plants have an energy storage capacity with considerable saving potential: depending on the application, peak power consumption can be reduced by 30-50%* and reduce the total electricity costs by between 5 an 25%*!


Invented and developed by SICOTRONIC
2022 = 40 Years SICOTRONIC

ZE 6000 Since April 2022! Successor of the ZE 5000

ABM 2020

Invented and developed by SICOTRONIC
2022 = 40 Years SICOTRONIC

ABM 2020 Since April 2021! Successor of the ABM 1010
Little brother of the ZE 6000.

Santo Holzkirchen

Employee canteen

The total energy consumption of the kitchen appliances exceeds the maximum possible value.

Thanks to SICOTRONIC we keep the peak load at 60 KW

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Be up to date

Whether on the subject of energy management, performance optimization, or also SICOTRONIC in general, we keep you up to date. With our small media library of newspaper and magazine articles, videos, and PMs, you can learn the latest about energy saving.

*Actual savings may vary based on specific circumstances.